Cosy Group - The Complex Systems Group

A group of researchers studying and exploring the power of Formal Methods during
the Modelling, Analysis and Simulation of Physical, Biological, Bioengineering and Social,
multiscale and multi-level, complex systems

University of Camerino

The Aim of Cosy Group

The Complex Systems Gruop (COSY) aims at involving researchers, students, professionists and organizations, such as universities, public admnistrations and enterprises, in different research and development projects running into the Modelling and Simulation Loboratory. The main mission of the Laboratory is to apply the formal methods, i.e. mathematically-based techniques for the specification, verification, development and validation of software, to the modelling and simulation of real case studies mainly in the biological, bioengineering and social domains. The laboratory is the place where students can study in-depth, apply and practice new technologies and paradigms. By being involved in real projects and interacting both with enterprises and academic staff, students are stimulated to improve and practically exploiting their knowledge. We believe that this kind of approach is particularly useful for bridging Business and Academic and for introducing students to both professional work and research.

Main Topics under Discussion

Other Research Topics