Within BioShape and Data Science Lab we are studying and developing new Methods and Models for Analysis and Simulation of Complex Systems for the following projects:

DA.RE: Data Science Pathways to re-imagine education, EU Erasmus+ KA2 Project (2016-2019)

TOPDRIM : Topology driven methods for multilevel complex systems, EU FP7 FET Project (2012-2016)

AALISABETH : Ambient-Aware LIfeStyle tutor, Aiming at a BETter Health, Region Marche funds

RITMARE: Italian Flagship Project (Fishing-Commercial Stock Modeling)

Ambient Assisted Living for Active Aging - within the EU JADE project: "Joining innovative Approaches for the integration and Development of transnational knowledge of clusters policies related to independent of Elderly", FP7-Capacities n.266422, 2011-2013

Multiscale Bone Remodelling in collaboration with Istituto Ortopedico Rizzoli

UbioLab and eGOV-Resourceome and Cruiser, supported by Region Marche
Data-Models-Forcasts-Validation, a multi-level approach, in collaboration with Civil Protection of Regione Marche, Italy

LITBIO: Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Technologies in Bioinformatics (FIRB/MIUR), The Unicam LITBIO Lab. (2005-2010)

Resourceome : A web-based Semantic Tool for Resources Management and Knowledge Representation a project flyer

HERMES & BioAgent: Agent-based middleware for mobile computing

O2I: Oncology over Internet -- Strategic/MIUR

SICOM SIstemi COoperativi e Multiagente (Italian)

Emanuela Merelli, School of Science and Technology
Computer Science
University of Camerino
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