Professor of Computer Science at the University of Camerino

I have been Fulbright fellow at the University of Oregon in 2005

I'm leading of BioShape & Data Science Lab established during the coordination of the EU-FET Project TOPDRIM: Topology driven methods for multilevel complex systems, which allows us to study how to combine formal methods and algebraic topology for understanding the emerging behaviour of some biological systems. In particular, the folding process of RNA and the immune system response.

Research interest
Interactive computation, topological field theory of data (TFTD), foundations of learning process,
the study of the cell cycle in somatic and cancer cells to decipher some messages of the complex biological language.



Professional activities
Member of the Council of the EATCS, European Association for Theoretical Computer Science.
I will contribute to promoting Theoretical Computer Science in Europe and all over the world with excellent initiatives and supporting open access publications.

Fellow member of the COST Action CA19122 EUGAIn, European Network for Gender Balance in Informatics.

Promoter of the EATCS Young Researchers School on Understanding Complexity and Concurrency through Topology of Data

other activities

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