I am Full Professor of Computer Science at the School of Science and Technology,
Coordinator of the PhD in Computer Science at the International School of Advanced Studies, and
Senatour of University of Camerino. Short CV

I am leading the BioShape & Data Science Lab. established during the coordination of the EU-FET Project TOPDRIM: Topology driven methods for multilevel complex systems. The project aimed at studying formal methods together algebraic topology for understanding the behaviour of complex biological systems. In particular, the folding process of RNA and proteins and the biomolecular interactions in the immune system.
My research interests include algebraic methods and concurrency theory; interactive computation and agent-based modelling; S[B] paradigm and model evolution; recently, topological and algorithmic field theory of data and data languages.Link
I have been involved in the EU COST Action IC1405 Reversible Computation: extending horizons of computing and other Projects and organized the 2nd EATCS Young Researchers School on Understanding COMPLEXITY and CONCURRENCY through TOPOLOGY of DATA

Recent Publications
Topological Interpretation of Interactive Computation
Visualising 2-simplex formation in metabolic reactions
Process calculi may reveal the equivalence lying at the heart of RNA and proteins
An algebraic language for RNA pseudoknots comparison
A Persistent Entropy Automaton for the Dow Jones Stock Market
Topological Classifier for Detecting the Emergence Epiletic Searures
A new topological entropy-based approach for measuring similarities among piecewise linear functions
The Topological Field Theory of Data: mining data beyond complex networks
The Topological Field Theory of Data: a program towards a novel strategy for mining data through data language
Topology driven modeling - the Immune System metaphor
Non Locality, Topology, Formal Languages: New Global Tools to Handle Large Data Sets
Adaptability checking in complex systems
Topological Characterization of Complex Systems: Using Persistent Entropy

All Publications
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Selected invited Talks
A topological view of compositionality of process algebra at Open Problems in Concurrency Theory, Wien, 26-29 June 2017
A Topological Approach to Compositionality in Complex Systems, at Workshop on Compositionality, Simon Institute Berkeley, 12 December 2016.
On Topological Characterization of Complex Systems, at DyM-CS CCS2016, Amsterdam, 21 September 2016.
The Topological Field Theory of Data: a program towards a novel strategy for mining data through data language, at BIONETICS, New York, December 2015.
Non locality, topology, formal languages: new global tools to handle large data sets, at Next Generation Sequencing Data Congress, London, 15th June 2015.
Topological field theory of data, at FET Unit, Brussels, 27th March 2015.
From Topology to Formal Languages: a multiscale analysis, at Multiscale Modelling and Computing Workshop at Lorentz Center, Leiden, 11th April 2013.
Oncology over Internet: a data integration and analysis by agent platform, at ISIBio Pasteur Institute, Paris, 12th Dicember 2005
Other Talks

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